Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuck in A Food Rut {Meet Me on Pinterest and Get Me Out}

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Seriously...can I please have that dream job?

So, I did not want to admit this...but...I think I have blogger's block?  I am currently having a battle with food, I am stuck in a rut.  I do not want to try new recipes, or cook much of anything these days.  If you have read any of my "Confessions" than you know how frequently I will fall back on the old standby, chicken nuggets for the kids. Tonight, my friends who usually frequent my "Deployment Kitchen" at least twice a week brought over pizza...that was such a nice change of pace.  Just to be able to sit and talk, to enjoy a laugh and only have to worry about a take and bake pizza, well, and the dishes too...but those will wait until tomorrow. 

So, to get out of the rut I am in, I think I need some new recipes.  Have you seen anything on Pinterest?  That is my "go to" inspiration station.  Can you help me out of my rut?  Come on over to Pinterest, follow me and then tag me in some of the recipes that you are finding!  All you have to do is follow me on there, then write @Lea-Ann @ Deployment Kitchen 365 in your pin description and it should pop up for me to see (**I do not know if that is working, so try tagging me in the comments on Pinterest).  I will then repin to the Board "Kitchen Rut: Recipes to Help Me Climb Out!"

I will try some of them out, and let you know how I do! :)  If I don't repin your recipe, shoot me a comment on here or Facebook and I can add you as a contributor to the board. Woohoo!!

OOOOOoooohhhhh, this will be fun. See you over there!!
You can join me at https://pinterest.com/Lea_AnnDK365/ on Pinterest....let's start pinning!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

AND THE WINNER IS!! {My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software}

Hi everyone!! Thank you so very much for entering the contest to win the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software.

Using Randomorg List Randomizer.  The winner is Jennifer Kona!! (There was just a Jennifer and an email address so I went with that. LOL) If this is you, I will be notifying you through email in the next few days with your very own code to download your free software!! SO EXCITED for you to begin creating amazing scrapbook pages, photobooks, and lots more creations.

For those of you who entered, or even if you didn't here is a special gift for you. 

EVERYONE CAN BE A WINNER: You can use coupon code STMMMS51417 to receive $10 off the My MemoriesSuite v.3 digital scrapbooking software.  When you order you will also receive an additional code for a $10 off coupon for downloads. An amazing gift for my amazing readers!!  $20 in savings.    


Friday, March 9, 2012

My Memories: {Digital Scrapbooking Software Review and GIVEAWAY!!}

**update contest will go through Friday March 16th!!**
I have never been good at creating traditional scrapbooks; in fact, I cannot stand the cutting, pasting, journaling, stickering, photo cropping, and embellishing that goes along with traditional paper scrapbooks.  So, when "My Memories" approached me and asked me to do a product review of their digital scrapbooking software and also get the opportunity to give away ONE FREE software upload to my readers as well as a $10 off coupon code for my readers, I couldn't pass up the WIN, WIN, WIN situation!!

The great things about My Memories Scrapbook software:
  • You can easily just add my digital photos into a premade scrapbook design, type in what you want to journal, click and add embellishments, and you are done in a jiff!
  • You can add music, video, and you can share your albums with loved ones (deployed soldiers, grandparents, family members and friends).  
  • You can preserve memories in photobooks, calendars or pages, and not just in a folder on your computer.
  • My Memories Suite is always updating scrapbook designs and add-ons
  • They have a ton of free designs and some you can purchase for a few bucks.  
  • The price point is right!
  • No mess, no scrapbook supply storage needed
  • My Memories is a top rated scrapbooking software
  • It's fun!!
  • AND...
  • YOU can WIN one of your very own!!

I was working on a sample album for Deployment Kitchen 365. I loved this pre-made layout. The colors were fun and the designs were cute!

Here is a cute little page I made with some of the food pictures I have taken recently. The options are endless with this software!

I made this 4x6 fill in the blank recipe card for myself using the MyMemories Suite v.3 digital scrapbooking software
 My creativity was sparked using this software!  I made the above recipe card, I thought of making party invites, place cards for dinner parties, menus, food cards for buffet tables, labels for food bins, really if you think outside of the box, the options are endless. 

  • Go to My Memories website, take a look at their scrapbook designs on their home page and then come back and leave me a comment (just click on the little blue comment link at the bottom of the post) and tell me which scrapbook paper, or design is your favorite!! *PLEASE leave me at least your first name and email address in your comment to be entered* (only entries with email addresses will be entered).  Random drawing will take place Wednesday March 14th 2012.  
EVERYONE CAN BE A WINNER: You can use coupon code STMMMS51417 to receive $10 off the My MemoriesSuite v.3 digital scrapbooking software.  When you order you will also receive an additional code for a $10 off coupon for downloads. An amazing gift for my amazing readers!!  


Monday, March 5, 2012

Points of Pinterest {Crafty, Tasty, & Cool Things I Love From Pinterest}

Welcome to "Points of Pinterest;" a place for me to share anything crafty, tasty or cool that I have come across through Pinterest.  For those of you who haven't jumped on the Pinterest band wagon yet, it is a virtual pin board where you can pin things you love that you find on the internet (sort of like a virtual cork board).  Instead of sticking every interesting article in my "favorites" file I now "pin" them on to boards and share them with my friends.  You can follow me on Pinterest here

{A Bit About Pinterest}
My notes on "Pinterest Etiquette".  When you click on a pin, a proper pin should take you right to the source of the project, recipe, cool thing, etc.  If it does not than do not repin it.  I always verify that a link takes me to the correct place prior to pinning so that I can give credit where credit is due.  I don't want to take part in plagiarism of ideas so to speak.  If you are new to Pinterest, click on the picture of the pin or the link that is the upper right hand corner.  It should take you right to the site. 

 You can also install a "Pin It" button right onto your tool bar so you can pin anything you like directly to Pinterest from your favorite sites.  More information on that can be found at the "About" section under "Pin It Button".  Pinterest is by request or invite only, but people are joining everyday so find a friend to send you an invite or request one and wait a little bit to start pinning.  It is so much fun!!

{Points of Pinterest}
You can click the first link to take you to my pin on Pinterest.  Then you can click the button or the link to take you right to the original blog post where the information came from.  People are so clever!! Check them out!!

(most of the pictures of the projects are from the original pin/blog post and do not belong to DK365, unless specified, and therefore belong to the original blogger, if you share the pictures please site back to their blogs. Thank you)

{The Crafty}
Here are a couple of my favorite crafty pins...

Over the Big Moon Button png 1 Buttons

I hung these in my kitchen above my cabinets and I just love them!! The colors are great, and I love a play on words. 

This is so clever, and on my to do list!! I don't have a pantry and I *love* this idea for that dead space next to the fridge.  Win, win!! Let's break out the power tools!

{The Tasty}
Here are some of the tasty food pins I like...

Click the buttonPhotobucket

I am obsessed with these taquitos!! I absolutely love the texture of the baked flour tortilla, the filling is delicious and I seriously crave these at least once a month if not more.  I made them three times in the first month I tried them.  I discovered that it is delicious to dip these in sour cream mixed with some of the extra green sauce! Yum-O!!

I made these with my friends one night, and she snapped this picture with her smart phone.  We were eating them faster than we could make them, they were SO delicious.  They were simple, and not too sweet.  They were way too easy to just keep popping in my mouth, but I am a HUGE supporter of dessert stuffed fruit.  These don't disappoint in that genre. 

{The Cool}
Just a couple of cool things I pinned...

I have blogged about menu planning, and I usually end up just hand writing my own list, but this is super cute!! If you want to save on paper and ink you could slip it inside of a clear plastic document protector and make it like a wipe board, or better yet stick it under glass in a picture frame and do the same!

I have go to get my hands on some of these!  I can't wait to dress up my mixer.  FUN!!

I hope you enjoyed these "Points of Pinterest."  Enjoy!