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Hello! Welcome to Deployment Kitchen 365, I am so glad that you stopped in.  Are you looking for a way to promote your product, shop, blog, or services?  With a Giveaway Sponsorship spot on Deployment Kitchen 365 we can do just that. 

*A bit about the Blog*

The idea behind Deployment Kitchen 365 (DK365) is to share my love of food and cooking with other military spouses, wives, families, foodies, and the world!  Every so often I invite an Army wife of a deployed soldier and her family into my home for a meal and I blog not only about the food we shared, but also about their story, and what makes them unique in the Army.  There are so many strong, brave and amazing military families out there and I have been blessed to hear their stories and to see their strength in action.  I also feature other recipes, tips and ideas, and a bit of humor about my life as an Army wife during deployment in Alaska.  The blog began in November, 2011 and is moving along at a steady pace and with great reviews and feedback from readers.  Giveaway Sponsorship will help me to build a broader readership, while also promoting your business, blog or product.

*Would you like to take part in Giveaway Sponsorship on my blog?*

-Do you have a product, or a service that you could provide for my readers? 
-Would you like to exchange a product or service for some advertising through my blog and my other social media outlets?
-Would you be willing to be featured on my blog and receive some increased traffic to your blog, website or Etsy shop?
-Would you be willing to ship your item to the winner or to provide your service locally? 
YES?! Please read on...

*The details of Giveaway Sponsorship*

If you would like to participate in Giveaway Sponsorship on DK365 these are the steps:

-The item you would like to donate for a giveaway should be at least a $20 value.  Once the winner is announced you will be contacted with their shipping information and the product must be shipped by you within 5 days of receipt of the information.  We will specify that the giveaway will be for US residents only and will include APO addresses for overseas American Military duty assignments. 
-For local services giveaways the same applies for value of the services provided and contact should be made with the winner within 3 days of receipt of the winner announcement.  You will receive the winners information and they will also receive your information for contact purposes.   
-I will run an advertisement for you on my blog for one month (30 days) from the start of the giveaway announcement.  I will need you to provide me with a "blog button" 150x150 if you have one already made or if you do not have a blog button please provide me with a picture that pertains to your site and I will make one for you that will link to your website, blog, or Etsy shop.
-I will announce the giveaway through a blog post and I would love to include a little bit about you; you don't even necessarily need to have a connection to the military or have a food related product; just be a supporter of what it is DK365 is doing and be willing to provide something fun, interesting or useful to my readers.
-Once the giveaway is announced I would like for you to share the link to the giveaway and encourage your readers, followers, fans, or customers to come over to the DK365 blog and enter to win according to the guidelines set for the giveaway.

*Purchasing Ad Space*
Right now my blog is still a "baby blog" started in November of 2011, it is gaining momentum and I am learning and growing the blog as well as my readership.  With a fan base increasing daily on Facebook, and followers joining the blog through Pinterest, Google Friend Connect and Linky Tools, readership is increasing.  If you feel like DK365 could promote your product, or service and you would like to purchase ad space on the blog please contact me for more information.  

If any of these options sounds like a great thing for you than please email me at deploymentkitchen@gmail.com and we can get started.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you,

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