Photo and Recipe Sharing Policy

Hi Blogging Buddies, Facebook Friends, Pinners, and Tweeters; 

If you would like to use one or two of the photos from my blog please feel free to do so, but I ask one thing of you:  please provide proper credit and a link back to the Deployment Kitchen 365 blog.  When pinning a post to Pinterest, please be certain the link is working correctly and that the picture matches the pin you are creating from the blog.  I ask the same of Facebook and Twitter as well.

If you would like to share a recipe please feel free to do so, and provide a proper link and credit back to Deployment Kitchen 365 blog.  

When everyone credits their sources it makes for a much happier, healthier blogging world don't you think?  I fully support sharing and spreading blog love around, just not "plagiarism of ideas."  And when you share, please let me know, I would love to check out what you posted.  I would even be happy to share your button on the blog or post that you shared.  

Thank you,

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