This project is being developed on the brink of a third deployment for my husband...365 days of meals he and I will miss out on together.  So in order to keep my love of cooking fresh and new, to bless others and give me an excuse to keep my house clean The Deployment Kitchen is born! Join my blog and follow along on the culinary adventures to come.

This is how I envision this project to run: a couple Saturdays a month I will invite a family into my home for dinner.  I would love for you and your family to join me and my girls in the late afternoon; around 3:30 or so.  The kids can play games, or do a craft or activity while we visit and get dinner prepped.  I am happy and content to do all the cooking but I really would like to share what I know with you so be prepared to help me in whatever capacity you feel most comfortable.  I do not expect, nor do I want you to feel obligated to bring ANYTHING!! Just bring yourself, your kids, your appetite and an open mind.  I will plan to serve dinner, family style between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

Any family that  appointment via the blog should copy and paste the survey, fill it out and return it to me via email (leaannie@gmail.com) no later than one week prior to your meal.  I ask that only people I know personally participate in the dinners themselves and of course you must live in my area.  I am open to meeting new military spouses through this, but I would like to already establish a relationship with you prior to our dinner (for safety, OPSEC and lack of awkwardness really).

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