Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{The Deployment Kitchen is Born}

Sitting on the couch next to my beloved husband and soldier, Steve, we were discussing blogs. There are so many blogs that I love, and so many blogs that I enjoy reading. I am always on Facebook and Pinterest and following DIY, crafting, food, decorating and fashion trends and blogs. I have had domain names for blogs with every intention to start blogging in the past but have never had the time or real interest to keep a blog up to date.  The interest was sparked again when Steve told me, "you should start a cooking blog!" But with an upcoming deployment who is going to eat my food?  What exactly would I blog about?

I pondered the idea...and this is where I will turn to my fellow Army wives for help!! Oh you lucky girls ;) In this house we *love* to eat, I find myself deconstructing meals that I eat in restaurants to duplicate them or improve upon them and many nights we say that we would rather eat in our own kitchen than pay someone at a restaurant to serve us something mediocre.  The only real benefit to entering a chain restaurant is that they will do the dishes for us, the rest we got covered! :)  

I also have a passion for military families. I absolutely, with all of my heart, believe that military families are some of the most amazing people I have ever met!  Perhaps I am a little biased, seeing as I have been an Army wife since 2002, but can you blame me?  I have only been here in Alaska for a few months and already have bonded with so many other Army wives, I do not fear being in need of help over this next year long deployment because my circle of Army wife friends has grown by leaps and bounds. 

So what do you get when you combine; deployment, food and Army families? Hopefully you get this blog; a piece of encouragement to my fellow Army wives, full, happy stomachs and warm hearts in my home for one full year! Every couple of weeks I will invite an Army wife (or two) and their children and we will enjoy a sit down family meal, something I have prepared in my kitchen, or something that we make together; I will blog about it, I will blog about them, share the story of our dinner, and recipes and we will go from there. I just need some help from you; I need people who like *love* to eat, and people who love to read and give encouragement by interacting with me on this blog.

If you are one, or both of those types of people than let me know and you can join me on my mission for Deployment Dinners!! Prior to deployment I will be collecting names, making a schedule and I will ask you to answer a few questions for the blog....are you up for the challenge? All you need is an appetite and an open mind!

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